Monday, November 21, 2005

Follow The Links - Teaching Sites & Blogrolling

I found a blog I hadn't read before, Number 2 Pencil witten by Kimberly. It contained some great reading along with some great teaching links. There was one post, in particular, that I enjoyed. It contained a comment by Kimberly's fiance that was hilarious because I've had a similar experience.

So I looked at the links on Kimberly's blogroll and selected one to click. I read some of that blog, liked it and blogrolled it. Clicked a link from that next blog, read some of it and blogrolled it...etc. This went on for awhile. I added a bunch of new blogs to my blogroll. Once you get started blogrolling, it's hard to stop because you don't want to forget how to get to a blog you like.

It's amazing how many great blogs there are out there - and also how many pointless ones. I enjoy finding the great ones.

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