Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Home From Iraq - Off to Iraq

As I walked down the hall of my school Monday, I heard my name called out, "Ms. Carol!" I turned around, and there was Jason walking toward me, smiling from ear to ear. Jason is a third grader this year. Last year I worked with him all year on his reading, and he kept me up-to-date on his father, a soldier serving in Iraq. Excitedly and with a big grin on his face, he told me, "My dad is home, and he doesn't have to go back!" We chatted briefly about the details of his father's homecoming and the things he and his dad have done together since he got home. Jason's face was aglow with excitement. As I walked on to my classroom, I thought about all the soldiers who returned home to Tennessee this past week. I am thankful for all the children whose fathers came home safely, and I pray for the children whose fathers didn't.

As I finished writing the above post, I heard the familiar "You've got mail!" and I saw that I had an email from my nephew, Joshua, who is in the Army, stationed in Germany. His news is that

Josh and his bride at their wedding in August

his unit will be deployed to Iraq in June. Josh married in late August and he and his bride have been working to get her to Germany ever since. She finally got all the papers and clearances finished and flew out yesterday. Josh has planned a four-day honeymoon for them when she arrives.

God bless Josh and his bride. God bless and protect all our servicemen overseas. And God please help ALL Americans to work together for the good of all of us.

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