Monday, November 28, 2005

My morning reading

Here are some posts I particularly enjoyed this morning. (Don't look for a common theme. I read all kinds of blogs):

Kim at And Rightly So linked to this article about Ramsey Clark. It made me cringe.

Beth at Merry Christmas had me laughing with her post about Tom Cruise and Brooke Shields. Tom HAS been annoying lately.

Jack at Jack Yoest also talks about celebrities. In this case, it's Gwen Stefani's new clothing line.

Joan at Daddy's Roses had this to say about how the TTLB rankings have changed over the past couple days - at least for us lower level beings. She's right. Sigh! Yesterday morning I was a Slithering Reptile, then last night I suddenly became a Crunchy Crustaceans, and this morning I'm a Wiggly Worm. Reverse evolution?

In the spirit of Martha Stewart, The Daily Chuckle had me laughing with "Last Year's Holiday Calendar."

Well, must log off and go to my real work to earn money. Can't sit here at the computer blogging all day. TTFN!

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