Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Mainstream News: Choice of Wording is NOT Neutral or Unbiased

I saw the following headlines in the AOL news this morning:

Bush Attacks War Critics as Asia Trip Begins

Alito's Writings Boast of Work Against Abortion Rights

Isn't it interesting the choice of words? Let's look at how the interests of the democrats and press are worded:

Bush's Approval Rating Continues to Drop

Rift Appears in GOP Over Cutting Taxes and Spending

Kerry: Bring troops home over Christmas (Now isn't that all warm and fuzzy? Obviously the war-mongering Republicans want to keep the troops in Iraq and away from their homes!)

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beth said...

If this situation weren't so dangerous it's be almost humerous. The WAR is in Washington and it really IS heating up. And it IS very dangerous.

The evening news tonight started with the dire faced news readers announcing breaking news out of Washington - more questions as to the President's 'lies', etc.

Then, after the news break, commentators repeated the talking points they have been repeating - repeatedly - most recently:
'Did the President LIE.'
'President Bush's credibility is under question.'
'President is losing his base support.'
'The War in Iraq is increasingly unpopular EVEN with the religious righ.'
'The President's poll ratings are PLUMETTING.'

Nothing new - but a lot of sound bites. And no supporting facts or information.

It's all about getting the sound bites in and repeating them.

If they say it enough times, will that make it so?

It makes me so angry - they will be the end of us.

While our soldiers are having wonderful successes in Iraq - all we hear is that they are not. But they claim they support the troops - yeah right.

They are loudly giving our enemy hope that we will be crushed from within.