Friday, November 18, 2005

Blog Addiction - Sanity Slowing Returning

I am Carol, and I am a blog addict. I started this blog because I like to write. But then I began looking at other blogs and seeing the number of visitors and all the links and all the comments and all the cool memberships in various blogging groups -- and my competitive nature kicked into high gear. Instead of being fun, it became an obsession. I had to write posts - even when I didn't have anything to say. If I had two posts yesterday, then I had to have three posts today. I had to get more people to look at my blog - that site meter had to keep going up. I had to get people to link to my blog so I could move to a higher level in the TTLB system. This evening I came to my senses. I don't know what the catalyst was - nothing out of the ordinary happened - but I'm glad that something in my thinking changed. My blog is for me. I may cancel the site meter so I can stop fixating on it. I might even take off all the ads. So far in the 2+ months I've been blogging I've accumulated about $20 in on-paper income from the various ads and links on The Median Sib...and I'll probably never see that since it has to reach a certain amount before it pays off. It would probably average less than a cent for every hour I've spent working on this blog. I don't want to continue with the blogging-as-competition mindset.

Bottom line: Don't look for as many posts from now on. However, maybe the posts will be better since I won't be stretching to find something to write about. Yea for blogging sobriety!

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