Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Missing Sweet Stuff and Sunshine - Getting the Grandparent Fix

So yesterday I took the afternoon off work (1/2 day personal leave) to go with PawPaw to look at some land he is buying. We met with a builder and talked about building sites. It's gorgeous land - beautiful views and several good building sites. I got my daily exercise hiking up and down the hills. We talked about building a house and having sites available if the kids ever want to build homes there, too. A family compound sort of thing.

Afterwards, PawPaw and I went out to eat, and it hit both of us! It had been TOO long since we'd seen Sweet Stuff and Sunshine. We needed a grandparent fix. I got on the cell phone and called Stinkeroo. (Yes, I talked on the cell phone in the restaurant. Obnoxious, huh?)

TMS: Hi! Where are you?

Stinkeroo: Just pulled into the garage with the kids. Sunshine won't get out of the car. (In the background, "Sunshine, Grandma Carol is on the phone. Want to talk to her?" "No!" Sunshine is like that... sigh!)

TMS: Your dad and I have been missing the girls. (And I was quick to add) And you and SD, too, of course!

Stinkeroo: Come on over for awhile.

TMS: I promise we won't stay long. (I won't be the kind of grandmother/mother-in-law/mother that imposes.) Just long enough to play with them for a few minutes. You sure you don't mind.

Stinkeroo: Of course not. The girls will love it. (In the background. "Sunshine, Grandma Carol and PawPaw are coming over. Let's get out of the car so we can visit with them!" "No!" (I have a feeling Sunshine might be in the time-out chair by the time we get there.)

TMS: Good. We'll be there in a few minutes.

And we were. Sunshine was not in the time-out chair. Both girls were thrilled to see us, and we had a perfectly delightful 20-30 minutes talking to and playing with the girls. We left with big smiles on our faces. And, I might add, the girls and their parents also had big smiles on their faces. Sweet Stuff called me Grandma Carol. Sunshine continued to call me simply "Cawol." I answered happily to both.

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