Friday, November 04, 2005

Camping With PawPaw

My weekend plans have changed somewhat. Instead of camping alone, I'm going camping tomorrow night with PawPaw. That means I can be a little more adventurous since I won't be by myself. Instead of staying in a nearby state park, we're going to leave in the morning and travel further away - might even go off the trail to camp. But maybe not. I like having a bathhouse nearby with the all-important flush toilet. I can enjoy all the other aspects of roughing it -- but I want a bathroom that consists of more than a shovel and a bush or tree for privacy. I should also add that I like my air mattress, too -- and it would be hard to backpack with all the little conveniences I have taken with me the last two weekends that I went camping - i.e. cooler, air mattress and pump, firewood, to name a few. We'll see how it goes. I'll take pictures and report back on Sunday.

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lilsis said...

I like your camping stories!