Monday, November 28, 2005

Late Evening - A Review of the Day

Totally non-sequential and non-substantial notes from today - no politics, no opinions - just notes:

It's been mostly a good day. This morning I was working with a group of fourth graders, and we were having a wonderfully deep discussion about the book we were reading. The kids were engaged in the discussion, the conversation was lively... and my principal walked in. YEA!! Sometimes it seems that impromptu visits are usually at bad times. This time it was good. I couldn't have picked a better time. Then later in the afternoon, when I was in the middle of a great read-aloud with a first grade group (I was reading Diary of a Spider to them), a fellow reading specialist from another school stopped by to borrow a book. Of course later in the afternoon my principal stopped by again to ask me something, and I'd just given my fifth grade children their Reading A-Z books to fold and put together themselves, and it was a little chaotic. But they were definitely ENGAGED in the task at hand. Not sure what reading standard that would address, though. C'est la vie!

It seems that usually if someone drops in on my classroom, I'm between groups and working at my desk. And I swear that every fire drill happens between my reading groups. When the office does the radio check with each teacher after everyone has exited the building, I have to respond that I'm present but with no students...and I figure that everyone thinks I NEVER have students with me during a fire drill - and so far I haven't.

One of the principal's visits was to ask me to attend a meeting on her behalf tomorrow morning. Don't know why it's always fun to go off-campus. Maybe it's because of all the years that I could never leave the school during the day. Now when I have the opportunity to do something like this, it's fun for me. The meeting tomorrow should prove interesting. It's a county-wide meeting about a book program sponsored by Dolly Parton. I can't recall the title of it, but I was thinking it would be cool if Dolly was at the meeting. I'll make sure I know the title of the program before I go to the meeting.

I had a good evening. PawPaw came over for dinner. I fixed meat loaf, mashed potatoes, salad and rolls. It was quite good, although the house reeked from the tomato sauce I burned. I had made a great tomato sauce to go with the meatloaf. I had put it on the stove, turned down the heat and left to take a shower. I stepped out of the shower to the acrid smell of burning tomatoes. I think my new Calphalon saucepan is ruined. After soaking for a couple hours, I was still unable to scrap all the burned crud off the bottom. It's soaking now until morning - maybe it'll come off then. Sigh! After discovering the burning tomato sauce, I just grabbed a bottle of catsup..and voila! tomato sauce for the meatloaf. Should have done that to begin with.

After PawPaw left, I came upstairs to check email and found that my mother had had another TIA this afternoon. I think that stands for transient ischemic attack. Let me check...Wow! I'm right - and even spelled it right. It was a minor spell, but I know it bothers her as it does all of us. So, please say a prayer for her. You can read her blog - she's quite a woman. She'll check in with her doctor tomorrow.

So that was my day today. I talked to Stinkeroo on the phone for awhile. She's a great daughter - still calls me every day. She said that Sweet Stuff was feeling bad today.

Okay - I've done my duty and written a post in my blog. I will now go to bed. Good night. :-)

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