Monday, November 14, 2005

Bush & The Iraq War

This morning, in an open AOL poll asking the question "Did President Bush deliberately mislead the public on Iraq?" 64% of the respondants answered "yes." Since the poll included only the people who chose to participate, the numbers aren't necessarily representative of the American population. However, I believe they're at least indicative of a general public trend. The results are disturbing. Have so many Americans bought into the anti-American rhetoric of both the democrats and the mainstream press? Have they forgotten that most of the democrats that are now calling Bush a liar are also the ones that read the same intelligence and came to the same conclusions about WMD and the need to go to war in Iraq? Do they not realize that it is the anti-Bush, anti-war factions that are causing more death to our soldiers and are fueling the interests of the terrorists? And can't the American people see the blatant self-interested, opportunistic nature of the democrats and the press?

In Reasoned Audacity, Charmaine Yoest points out the ridiculous, but not surprising, call by Barbra Streisand for Bush's impeachment. Charmaine also provides a link to a post by The Anchoress which contains pre-war quotes from Clinton and others about the WMD in Iraq and the necessity of ending the threat that Iraq and Islamic terrorists pose to the world. These quotes and opinions are never mentioned in the news. The mainstream news is biased and left-wing. It would be amusing if so many people didn't swallow their bait - hook, link and sinker.

I admire George Bush for standing strong in the face of such overwhelming opposition in the press. He was given a mandate by the people of the United States in 2001 and 2002, and he has stood by his word. He is a man of truth, character and perseverance, and I trust him far more than the ones who don't hesitate to jeopardize our soldiers' safety - and ultimately America's safety - in order to further their self-interests and political agendas.


Dave said...

Yeah, what she said! I was just thinking as I watched the "news" reporting that poll, if you ask only people who are at home without jobs and therefore now working, if they'd like to blame the President for their poor situation, you'll probably get more "yeah, it's HIS fault" answers than if everyone answered the question. Just think of it as asking the mice what they think about the cat that's guarding the cheese. I appreciate George Bush and what he's having to put up with and have reached the point where I really don't believe a damn thing the press says in their "news" casts.... Hollywood and the press really do have a lot of sway when it comes to presenting what their view of a situation is.... My opinion??? I think they would really like to have only one side presented at a trial and then send the jury out for a decision.... We have GOT to realize that it is SO EASY to blame someone for something and we've got to remember the President told us three years ago that this was going to be a long fight against terrorists and, unfortunately, too many Americans think we're safe now and there just ought not to be any deaths or hardships in a war.... Too many think, "THEY" ought to serve in the service, not "WE" ought to serve our country....after all, "I have a right to a great job, beautiful home, nice, peaceful neighborhood, kind and obedient children and a working remote control..... someone else needs to make sure I get to have all this....and It's George Bush's fault if you don't agree with me!

Ruth said...

I agree totally with you. I heard President Clinton say there were WMD'S. All the leaders of the free world thought Sadam had poison gas etc...why else would he defy the world against inspections for over 14 years...
Our press and universaries have been inflitrated with extreme left wing enemies of America which is giving comfort and encouragement to these pitiful misguided suicide terrorist and the terroist leaders who want Israel pushed into the sea and the US destroyed. They are plotting an atomic atack on our nation even now as we whim and fight anong ourselves and blame our president. A guy on C-Span yesterday said they have the "smoking gun" that Bush planned the war in Iraq before 9-11. He read a letter to the British that would have been a long long impossible stretch to be a "smoking gun." It seems criminal to me to make these kinds of accusatons in wartime. President Bush is blamed by the extreme left wing for not preventing 9/11 although he had been in office less than a year. He is taking measures to prevent another attack and is hampered at every turn by vicious enemies at home and abroad.

beth said...

GREAT POST - by everyone here. I agree completely.

We are being treated to a constant diet of propaganda.

They really are being 'vicious enemies' of our country. And all for their own political gain.

One of the most irritating tactics they've been using is this talking over whoever is interviewing them. They (Bush-haters) were talking so loudly, repeating and repeating, refusing to listen, on one show tonight I had to turn the channel. It was maddening and gave me a headache.

I think SURELY I'm not the only one that irritates....

Anonymous said...


Yellow Journalism:

1) widespread tendencies or practices within media organizations that are detrimental to, or substandard from the point of view of, journalistic integrity.

2) sensationalized news reporting that bears only a superficial resemblance to journalism.

3) refers to news organizations for whom sensationalism, profiteering, and in some cases propaganda and jingoism, take dominance over factual reporting

4) the endemic practices of particular organizations to operate as mouthpieces, for rather limited and particular allegiances, rather than for the public trust.

5) a systematic tendency to report falsehoods as fact.