Thursday, November 03, 2005

CIA has Secret Overseas Prisons for Terror Suspects (Washington Post)

According to a Washington Post story the CIA has numerous secret prisons in other countries in which they are holding terror suspects. The article is interesting - four cyber-pages long. After watching a video a couple years ago of terrorists in Iraq savagely sawing off an American reporter's head with a knife and hearing the reporter's cries and death gurgles, I really don't worry much about whether or not terrorist prisoners are treated well. I understand that we don't want to sink to the terrorists' level by treating prisoners inhumanely. But I also understand that these terrorists are unlike any previous enemies we've had. All our civilized debate and public arguing about how we treat prisoners just make them that much bolder and give them more hope. We are our own worst enemy. I think it is time we let our soldiers FIGHT the war without our politicians interfering at every step.


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