Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Blogging - What's the Purpose?

My daughter and I were talking about blogging. Rather, I was talking about my blog and the blogs that I read regularly, and she was talking about how she just doesn't get it. Why write a blog? Who really cares? What's the purpose? How can you think of things to write about?

For me, it's fun. More than that, though, is the satisfaction I get from writing out my thoughts and ideas. There is also the enjoyment of knowing other people are reading what I've written. I love getting the email notifications that someone has written a comment in my blog. I can't read my blog from school because the school filters won't allow it. So the email notifications during the day are my way of seeing how my blog is doing when I'm at work.

Okay, let's be honest. There are other reasons: self-absorption- vanity - attention-seeking - a way to blow off steam - an easy soapbox? All or none could apply. Probably all apply at times.

Ever since I was in the fifth grade, I've kept a journal. My first one was brown leather and was given to me by my father when he came home from being out of town. I've gone through phases where I've written in my journal daily. Other times, I've let months go by without any entries. But my journal was always there - either paper or electronic - and I always eventually got back to it. So blogging is an extension of those journals. Although my fellow bloggers understand why we do this, there are others who just don't get it.

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Ruth said...

Here I am in the middle of the night reading your BLOG. So it must be worthwhile. In fact, it is good, In fact, you have picked up a lot of wisdom for one so young.