Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Possible Bird Flu Pandemic and the News

I don't watch the news on TV very much, but this morning I watched a few minutes of "Good Morning, America" on ABC. Those few minutes were eye-opening for me. I've already written about the Hershey-funded study of the benefits of dark chocolate. The other story that made me laugh and shake my head was the one about bird flu. Each "authority" that they interviewed was shown with a dark and shadowy background - giving them an almost spooky appearance. Then the images shown during the segment were of workers digging graves, rows of coffins, people lying on beds lined side by side and filling up sports stadiums -- all stark, frightening and foreboding. They talked of quarantined neighborhoods and cities and of how people were hoarding the vaccine, how the vaccine manufacturer has stopped shipments to the United States, and how there was only enough vaccine for first-responders and the military. It was obvious they were trying to alarm people.

Whatever happened to objectivity in reporting the news? Does that ever happen anymore?

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Jane said...

I think the bird flu is a definate concern but I also think that the media is unduly frightening the public. Making us aware and scaring the socks off of us are two very different things.