Thursday, December 08, 2005

A Variety of Reading for the Evening - The Bible, PEACAN pound cake recipe, potty humor, radio talk show fools, and Venezuela

I hope you'll check out Ruthlace and read THIS latest post. This is the best explanation for why the Bible should be used in all schools - public and private.

Then, if you have a hankering for a great PEA-CAN pound cake recipe, check out Merry Christmas. I happen to know Beth - and I didn't realize she actually knows HOW to cook, but maybe I was wrong.

Then for a hilarious post, check out the POTTY POST on Daddy's Roses.

You might recall a couple days ago I raged about a local radio talk show host who was spouting off uninformed information about my school system. Terry at Alone on a Limb took my side with THIS post. It made me feel so much better for Terry to take up for me! That'll show old Steve Gill!

For a troubling story about Venezuela, go to Cozy Reader and read THIS story about how the president of Venezuela has "invited" Americans to go home.

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