Friday, December 09, 2005


I'm so excited! I'll be getting a whole new look for THE MEDIAN SIB in just a few days. I have a fantastic designer working on it - and I LOVE what she has done so far. She just has to finish tweaking it here and there to get it perfect - well, she also has to find a suitable photo of my next to eldest sibling - the one who apparently didn't pose for many full-length photos! But we'll persevere and locate the perfect one somewhere in the boxes of old family photos.

So be watching for the new and improved look of THE MEDIAN SIB.

By the way, my designer is Beth. When she showed me her initial idea for THE MEDIAN SIB a couple days ago, I realized that she "GOT" what I was looking for. However, don't everyone start asking her to design your blog template right away. I want her to finish mine first!

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