Thursday, December 01, 2005

Two Cars with EXACTLY the Same Features

I have to confess that I can be totally clueless at times. I can hear the chorus of people who know me saying, "Well, DUH!" An illustration:

The other day PawPaw and I went out to eat. The weather was turning cold, and on the way home I heard a beep and looked over at the dashboard and saw the temperature flash a few times at 37 degrees.

"Hey," I said, "Your car beeps at 37 degrees just like mine. That used to drive me nuts when I first got my car because I couldn't figure out why it was beeping. I thought something was wrong with it. When I asked the car dealer, he told me that it was programmed to beep and flash the temperature when it reached 37 degrees."

PawPaw replied, "I don't think my car does that."

Looking at him in disbelief, I pointed at the dashboard. "It just did! Didn't you hear it?"

PawPaw looked at me. "But this is YOUR car."

I have seldom laughed so hard at myself. OK, when we left from PawPaw's house earlier, we had taken my car because it was parked behind his, and then when we left the restaurant I had asked PawPaw to drive. I'm used to being in PawPaw's car when I'm in the passenger seat.

Senility? Forgetfulness? Complete cluelessness? A combination of all three? Who knows? I still laugh whenever I think of it.

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