Monday, December 26, 2005

Home Again

Home again! It's Monday night, and I'm back home and blogging again. I had a wonderful Christmas weekend with lots of visiting and fun. Highlights include:

Friday dinner with the children and grandkids - watching the little ones open their gifts and seeing their excitement.

Eating dinner today at my mother's with 48 family members! All seven of us siblings were there! Then doing the gift exchange - one person at time. It took forever, but it was so much fun! Two regrets: I didn't get a picture of the 7 of us together with our mother, and I wasn't able to stay very long.

Taking a hike yesterday on PawPaw's country property in the cold afternoon with occasional drizzly rain - very refreshing!

Holding my niece who is ten months old and having her smile at me.

Driving around town with PawPaw's mother, brother, sister-in-law last night to look at the Christmas decorations.

Flying home tonight with PawPaw in his small plane -- flying above the clouds and seeing a spectacular sunset that everyone below couldn't see because of the cloud cover. Then going from 6,000 ft to 4,000 ft as we neared Nashville which put us right in the clouds - rather spooky flying 150 mph and not able to see anything...just trusting the instruments.

Now I am looking forward to tomorrow when I'll get to visit Sweet Stuff and Sunshine and have them show me all the goodies that Santa Claus brought them.

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