Friday, December 30, 2005

The Shopping Cart Incident

After we finished walking all over the 90 acres with a metal detector (found one cap pistol, two knives, two complete horseshoes, two pieces of a horseshoe, and several pieces of wire and chain), I told PawPaw I'd run by the grocery store to get some steaks to grill for dinner. I walked into Kroger and didn't see any shopping carts.

I looked around and saw an elderly man coming in from the parking lot to return his shopping cart. I met him at the door and told him I'd take the cart. People have done that for me before, and I always appreciated the few seconds they saved me. However, instead of turning around and going back to the parking lot, he continued inside the store. That's when it hit me -- he had gone to the parking lot to get a shopping cart, and was on his way inside to do his shopping, and I had commandeered his cart!

"Here!" I called to him as he walked away from me into the store, "I thought you were returning the cart. You can have it back." He didn't turn around - he just waved his hand and kept going - probably thinking I was a rude and pushy lady who stole shopping carts from defenseless little old men for kicks.

So now I'm an official Kroger cart-napper.

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