Saturday, December 17, 2005

Dancing in the, in the Bonus Room then!

Just got up (LOVE sleeping late on Saturday mornings) and checked my blog for comments, and I saw that The Median Sib has moved up to (drumroll, please!) LARGE MAMMAL status on TTLB's Ecosystem! Fun! Fun!

I probably won't post much this weekend. I've got housecleaning to do - those exciting tasks of laundry, picking up the junk I've left lying around all week, and putting the few dishes I used throughout the week into the dishwasher. I only ate dinner at home two nights this week, and both times I just had a bowl of cereal. So there's not much to do in that area. I was too tired (aka lazy) to put them in the dishwasher at the time.

PawPaw will come by to pick me up in about two hours, and we're going out to finish ALL (yes, I DO mean ALL) our Christmas shopping. I will NOT come home until every gift is bought! Then tonight we'll decorate his Christmas tree.

Both kids are out of town this weekend - Stinkeroo & her family are visiting friends in St. Louis, and Scalawag has gone hunting - don't know if he's duck hunting or deer hunting. I should call Meah to see what she's doing this weekend - or maybe she went with Scalawag, although I kinda doubt it.

Here's to weekends! I love 'em!

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