Monday, December 19, 2005

Happy Birthday, Bethums!

Today is my baby sister Beth's birthday. Let's see... in the top photo she's the one that's topless. Very brazen, isn't she? (he he he) And in the group photo, she's the baby that my oldest sister, Janice, is holding. (I'm the one in capris.) That photo includes all seven siblings, by the way, because my mother (on the right) was pregnant with the youngest, David, at the time.

Beth is the youngest girl in the family, and I've always thought her name fits her - sweet and feminine. Today's she's the hardworking director of a children's home, and she's the author of two blogs - Blue Star Chronicles and Merry Christmas. She also is the mother of two wonderful young adults.

She recently (yesterday) wrote a post about the joys of chocolate. I thought the photo of her "licking the bowl" was appropriate for the occasion.

Happy birthday to Beth! Hope your day brings you joy and love. I love you.

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Terrell said...

Great pic choices, Carol. Happy Birthday, Little Sister!