Saturday, December 10, 2005

Harry Potter - Hogwarts or Hogwash?

We walked up to the ticket booth, and PawPaw asked for "Two Senior Potters." Without blinking an eye, the girl rang up two senior priced tickets to Harry Potter, while I was falling out laughing. Over the course of the evening, I probably repeated "Two Senior Potters!" ten times while laughing uncontrollably. I share this story with you in order to illustrate that I was in a good mood this evening - laughing, having a splendid time and ready to enjoy a movie.

When PawPaw suggested seeing the new Harry Potter movie, I eagerly agreed. I had written a negative post about Harry Potter a few weeks ago, and so I was determined that I would see the new movie (that fans had described as the best one yet) and finally understand what all the hullabaloo is about. I went into the theater with the highest hopes and expectations - along with my giggles about the aforementioned "two senior potters." Midway through the movie, when I was having to force myself to stay awake and pay attention, I gave up. We remained through to the end just to make sure there wasn't something worthwhile that we might miss otherwise. But the fact is - Harry Potter is simply not for me. It was boring. It was absurd. To me, it was just plain stupid. I realize I'm in the minority. What can I say? That's my personal opinion. I'm sure there are lots of movies I've loved that other people think are ridiculous.

PawPaw summed up our feelings as we left the theater ....."Instead of Hogwarts, they should have called it Hogwash."

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