Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Alaska Bound Again!

Eagle River Reflections

Sunrise at Riversong Lodge

A Tundra Flower Amid Rocks

I'm excited that PawPaw and I have already made reservations for next September to go to Alaska again. We'll stay at the same lodge in Denali that we stayed this past July. I'm excited because we'll be there the last week that the lodge will be open for the season. There will likely be snow on the ground - and even without snow, it will be well into fall and the colors should be spectacular. Also, a famous photographer (can't recall his name) will be there to help us with our wildlife and nature photography. Unfortunately, in order to make the trip I will have to take off work without pay since I'm only allotted two personal leave days each year. But that's okay - this trip will be worth it.

I've posted photos from July's Alaska trip previously. However, I'll do it again. I really love looking at them! (Oh well, the pics landed at the beginning of this post instead of the end, and I'll just leave them there rather than moving them.)

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