Saturday, December 10, 2005

The Excitement of it! So Close and Yet So Far

I just checked my "status" on the TTLB ecosystem (a compulsive habit that I stoop to numerous times each day), and I saw that I am only 8 links from becoming a large mammal. Well, maybe 9 links, depending on whether TTLB goes by the number of link or the "link score." Either way - Oh. My. Goodness. Despite that I truly AM a large mammal, it would be gratifying to have myself officially classified as such. I keep looking for my pouch -- and figured that maybe TTLB classified my pooch of my stomach as a pouch and mistakenly listed me as a marauding marsupial instead. Here's to 8 (or 9) more blogs linking to THE MEDIAN SIB! Just click the "blogroll me" link to your left.

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