Friday, December 23, 2005

Unexpected Visitors

The phone rang early this morning. Looking at caller ID, I saw that it was my daughter. However, when I answered, there was no sound from the other side for a few seconds, and then a quiet little voice said, "Grandma Carol, can we come over now?"

"Sweet Stuff, of course you can! Are you sick?" I thought that maybe she wasn't feeling well, and my daughter wanted to keep her home from daycare. I was wrong. Apparently both Sunshine and Sweet Stuff woke up this morning and wanted to start the Christmas party early. Everyone is coming to my house this evening for our family Christmas dinner and gift exchange. Sweet Stuff and Sunshine wanted to come over and help Grandma Carol NOW!

So they've been here all morning. They've helped me make an apple pie and some pecan pies. They've helped me get the Chicken Cheese Corn Chowder started. All you moms and grandmoms know how "helpful" two-year olds and four-year olds can be. And now they're using the rhythm instruments to sing Christmas carols! Only a grandmother would enjoy the ringing of bells, shaking of tambourines and mini-cymbals and little voices making up their own Christmas songs... "I will help you with a merry bow..." each word emphasized with ringing bells and cymbals and tambourines.

Sunshine's latest trick is grabbing her own (or my) boobs and yelling, "BOOBIE! BOOBIE!" We definitely need to channel that energy in another direction!

I am a little sad, though. Sunshine has always refused to call me Grandma Carol. It's always been simply "Cawol!" She has now started calling me Grandma Carol all the time. Another sign of how fast she is growing.

A full day of Sunshine and Sweet Stuff! Life doesn't get any better!

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