Thursday, December 22, 2005

THURSDAY THIRTEEN - Thirteen Reasons That Today Will Be A Good Day!

Thirteen Reasons That Today Will Be A Good Day For THE MEDIAN SIB

1. At 12:10 this afternoon school will be out for Christmas.

2. At 12:11 I will be OUTTA there!

3. First stop: manicure.

4. Second stop: pedicure

5. Third stop: Hair stylist for a trim and highlighting

6. When I get home my house will look neat and wonderful because the housekeeper will be here sometime during the morning.

7. I will make dinner for PawPaw and myself tonight.

8. I have all my Christmas shopping done.

9. I am looking forward to tomorrow night when my little family will gather for our Christmas dinner and gift-exchange.

10. I'm current with thank you notes for gifts I've received from children at school.

11. School will be an easy-going day because there's an assembly first thing, and then the classes will have their holiday parties. For me, that translates into no reading groups or lessons for me today.

12. Referring back to #11, that means I can catch up on paperwork that I need to do.

13. When I go to bed tonight, I will NOT have to set the alarm clock.

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