Friday, December 16, 2005

The Apprentice - Disappointed in Randal

I watched every episode of "The Apprentice" this season, and after last week's show, I was certain that Donald Trump would select both Randal and Rebecca to be his apprentice. However on last night's episode, it didn't happen that way. Trump chose Randal, and then he offered Randal the opportunity to show his loyalty and generosity by asking him if he thought Rebecca should be hired, too. And Randal said no. He said the title of the show is "The Apprentice", not "The Apprenti" (I THINK that's what he said instead of "The Apprentices.") Either way, he blew it.

I respected him up to that point, and then he showed his true nature - which is greedy and disloyal. I'm no longer one of his fans. He talked so much the past couple episodes about how he respected Rebecca and felt she was a good leader, a good friend and a worthy opponent. And then he stabbed her in the back because he wanted to keep all the "glory" for himself.

Shame on you, Randal! If the shoe had been on the other foot, Rebecca would have stood up for you. You showed how small you really are.

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Anonymous said...

Black men usually favor "brothers" and "sisters." Had Rebecca been African-American, I have no doubt that Randal would have encouraged Trump to hire her as well. Instead, Randal indulged his considerable racism and revealed himself to be so incredibly and foolishly selfish.