Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Islamophobia? Yes! Islamohatred? No!

I admit it. I am Islamophobic. That doesn't mean I hate Muslims or the Islam religion. It means simply that I fear what Islam has become. I fear Islam because of the the radical, irrational, beheading, murdering and pillaging Muslims that are shown in the news. I fear them because they carry signs declaring that they would kill us without a second thought simply because we are not Muslim. I fear them because of the Muslim mother who sent sons on suicide missions and said she wished she had more sons to sacrifice for Allah. I fear them because some of their leaders have encouraged the ones in other countries to blend into western society in order to gain trust to later help with terrorist activities.

I think any non-Muslim in his/her right mind is Islamophobic. It is a smart thing to be in today's world. It isn't an irrational fear, but a fear based on widespread real and visible evidence of unstable and irrational Islamic behavior.

Islamophobic is not Islamohatred. I don't hate Muslims. I hate some of them - yes. But as a group, I don't hate them. I think that the large majority of them were likely born into the religion and don't realize how destructive it has become. They know only what they are being told by the radical and murderous leaders.

We should be proud to be Islamophobic. Only idiots wouldn't be.

You can check out Wikipedia for a thorough description of Islamophobia.

There is Islamophobia Watch: Documenting the war against Islam.

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