Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The 10,000th Visitor - Is it YOU?

My how time flies when you're blogging! Seem like only yesterday when I started this blog. At the time I tried to think of a clever title for my blog but was having no luck. I wanted something unique and meaningful to me but not something unwieldy to say or write. Then, since I'm the middle of seven children, I typed in "Middle Child", but that name was already taken. For some reason substituting the phrase "The Median Sib" came to mind, and I typed that in, clicked "submit"...and lo and behold, no one had taken that name. Thus, The Median Sib was born.

The 10,000th visitor to The Median Sib will be here within a little while. Sure, there are some blogs that receive that many visitors in one day - in a few hours. For me, though, the 10,000 mark is significant. As I type this, the site meter is at 9,997. If you're the 10,000 visitor and you would like a guaranteed one-of-a-kind Blog Hog tote bag (see photo below), let me know. I have a couple left, and I'll be glad to reward your loyalty in reading The Median Sib.

Most of all, thanks to each person who makes The Median Sib a regular part of their reading each day.

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