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The Carnival of Blue Stars - 5th Edition

Welcome to the fifth edition of The Carnival of Blue Stars. First of all, thanks to Beth at Blue Star Chronicles for asking me to host the carnival this week. It's my first time hosting a carnival, and trust me, it's a LOT more work than it seems! It has been fun, though, to scout the web for great articles about our soldiers and their families.

All of us who are part of The Carnival of Blue Stars are proud of and thankful for the military men and women who are serving our country in the most dangerous parts of the world. It is because of our soldiers, both present and past, that we are able to enjoy this land of freedom and plenty. This fifth edition highlights some of the personal stories of our soldiers and their families.

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Now on with The Carnival of Blue Stars:

Let's start off with a report from Uncle Jimbo at BlackFive that shows us clearly who is the most trusted group in America. We've known it all along, and now the polls back us up.

Then check out Army Wife's Life, where there's a wonderful post about what NOT to say to a friend with a deployed spouse. Good advice! She also asks for some responses. Have any of you had people say less-than-sensitive things about your deployed loved one? Leave her a comment to tell her about it.

Prairie View has a message that will be helpful for everyone who is dealing with stress and priorities - not just those connected to the military.

Beth at Blue Star Chronicles asks "On Whose Side Were You When It Mattered?"

I know the American people are courageous, generous, patriotic and honorable as a general rule. But most are not even aware of the danger that is insidiously creeping towards us. . . .
Either we open our eyes now, or we will see the danger later when it will be a much larger and more powerful force to deal with. If we wait until we can't ignore it anymore, we will pay a much higher cost in our defense.

Thank goodness we have such a wonderful military that's dealing with that danger. And while you're at Blue Star Chronicles, take a look at this post. Beth has reason to be proud, doesn't she?

Laura at The Wide Awake Cafe received scary news this week. Go give her some support.

A Rose By Any Other Name has a post by Anna that honors not only our military but all the people who work to protect us.

These are our heros. They are police, firefighters, paramedics, EMTs and soldiers. If you ask them why they do it, most will say that it's their job, it's what they do, because they can, because they are needed. None would call themselves heros, but they are because they do the jobs that the rest of us are unable, unwilling or too afraid to do. Despite what some would say, they are keeping us safe and free.
Stuck on Stupid tells about the fight of one soldier's wife to keep the promise she made to her husband before he shipped off to Iraq.

Red Hot Cuppa Politics gives us an update on Joshua Sparling along with information about the weekly Friday protests outside of Walter Reed hospital where Joshua is recuperating.

Thirdee at Code Red 4 Troops has a story about another soldier.

Giving up the fame of the football field at 29 years old, one B Company recruit
looked for a glory that was more permanent than any trophy.
Our armed forces are filled with these men and women who love their country and are ready to put action to their words. Head over there and read the entire article.

One Marine's View tells us of his homecoming after serving in Fallujah. It brought tears to my eyes to read of this courageous soldier's return home. The photo accompanying the post is wonderful - an award winner.

America, this place is awesome and now I see fist hand what we have been fighting for.. . . The airplane landed on the east coast as the pilot stated “Welcome back to the United States Marines” and the plane erupted in cheers.
We join the others in saying, "WELCOME HOME! We love you and are proud of you."

How about a little controversy? Eric at Classical Values writes about gays in the military. Go read his post and let's him know what you think?

Over at Seaspook's Rants, Seaspook talks about a topic we don't hear much about at all. Seaspook is a retired Navy Chief.

Aubrey at has President Bush's Saturday address about the 3-year anniversary of the start of Operation Iraqui Freedom. Information is provided about Iraqui and U.S. successes that we don't hear about through the MSM. 4 The Little Guy also has a report about the difference between what we hear about Iraq from our soldiers versus what we hear from the MSM.

. . . all I can say is that the Iraq War vets I’m spoken with paint a much different picture of the situation than what I see in the MSM
This next recommended reading is a tad on the commercial side, but I enjoyed reading it anyway, and I'm oh so tempted to buy that book! Go read about it at Soldiers' Angel - Holly Aho.
Beth at My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy gives an example of how our soldiers are resourceful and determined not only in battle but in play, too. And Echo9er has some wonderful photos from Iraq. The sunset picture is awesome! Hooah Wife and Friends tells us of the Wednesday Hero.

That's it for this week's Carnival of Blue Stars. I am humbled by all the people out there who are blogging in support of our troops. Thanks for your contributions to the carnival and for your words and actions of support of our troops. I hope you enjoyed this week's Carnival of Blue Stars.

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