Tuesday, March 14, 2006

From the Hearts and Souls of Children

Two tender stories for today:

I was in the gym at school this morning for bus duty. As the children came in and sat down to wait for the dismissal bell, I felt a tug on my sleeve. I looked around, and there was a kindergartener - holding up some very wilted wildflowers in her fist - just a couple sprigs. However, she was holding giving them to me with a big smile of anticipation on her face. She was radiating the joy of giving. I thanked her and hugged her and told her I would put them in water as soon as I got to my classroom. A gift from the heart that I treasure.

My second tender story: I just received an email from my mother (Ruthlace) who told me that my first grade niece, Haley, found out recently that a classmate had died. When her mother told her that she had sad news to tell her and that her friend, Anna Elizabeth, had died. Haley was very sad, but finally said, "Well Grandshaw will take care of her up there." Grandshaw was my father, and he died many years before Haley was born. However, she has heard so much about him that she was confident he would care for her friend up in heaven. The faith of a child!

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