Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Conquering the World in 4 Simple Steps

Let's say it's ten, twenty, thirty, forty or more years ago, and you decide you want to take over the United States and thus the world. You know you can't win against such a superpower in an outright physical battle. However, if you work on the Americans' thinking and values, you know it's do-able. So you set out to conquer the United States in four simple steps.

(1) Place your people in the schools. Get some of your folks in the colleges that train teachers. Get them into as many universities as possible. These are the "educated" people that others look up to and believe. As a bonus, as the students of these people graduate some of them will become teachers and professors. Then they, in turn, will influence new generations of students. Sympathy and empathy for your world view will grow exponentially. Make sure your universities and professors support those who are sympathetic to America's enemies in the name of diversity while, in the name of respecting others, they don't allow those who disagree with America's enemies to speak.

(2) Get the mainstream media in your pocket. In the past, people received their news slowly and only via print media or word of mouth. Now there is instant news, and news can be manipulated to convince people that one thing is happening when actually the opposite is true. Use catchy phrases like "keeping them honest" so people will think you're working in their best interests. People believe the news. They trust those pretty "anchors". It's a business, and money talks. Exaggerate each negative aspect of American society to the point that people become blind to the real freedoms and opportunities all Americans have. Remember that if you tell a lie often enough, people will believe it.

(3) Become involved in the political system. Join the baby boomers who want to work for human rights and equality. Take their sincere and heartfelt concerns and interests and prostitute them until the boomers and their succeeding generations believe they're working and voting for issues that are noble and righteous (freedom of choice, freedom of speech, food and housing for the needy, disaster relief) while in reality their votes end up doing the opposite (e.g. making equal rights incompatible with the sanctity of unborn life, allowing terrorists easy access to American communication systems, and creating generations of people who are dependent on the government and are rendered incapable of being self-sufficient). Convince them that protesting whatever the president does or says is not only what a true patriot does but their responsibility as an American citizen. It doesn't matter what he does or says: disagree with it.

(4) Infiltrate the entertainment industry. Americans have a serious case of star worship. Get in with Hollywood stars, television stars, and music stars. Again, money talks. In a society where there is no such thing as bad publicity, it's easy to convince "stars" to speak up for you and against their own country. After all, they're influenced by the politicians and MSM, too. And if anyone disagrees with you, charge them with being intolerant or with profiling or with . . . oh just anything that provides a smokescreen for what's really going on.

Once you've accomplished those four steps, you'll get the following results:

*Your forces can pilot highjacked airliners into major buildings in major American cities killing thousands of people, and once the dust clears and the MSM, teachers, politicians, and Hollywood have put their spin on it, the people will blame the United States.
*The president will use legal means to protect them, and because the MSM and some politicians says what he did was illegal, the people will ignore common sense and historical precedent and claim the president is a crook and should be impeached. And they will say it often enough and loud enough that even reasonable people take up the cry.
*People will be blind to the absurdities of declaring their support of freedom of speech while censoring those who disagree with them.
*People will believe what the MSM tells them about the Iraq war rather than believing the soldiers who are there on the ground working with the Iraquis every day.
*The MSM and thus most people will largely ignore the real threats in the world and instead will support the very people who threaten them.
*People will condemn a few U.S. soldiers for humiliating prisoners, and they will call it torture. Then they will support murderers who behead, publicly hang, riot, burn and kill thousands not only with no consequences but to the cheering of other murderers. And, again, the people will be blind to the hypocrisy of their actions.
*People will declare that they support our soldiers while at the same time supporting the people who are causing more of our soldiers to be killed and wounded.

The list goes on. The blindness goes on. The hypocrisy goes on. The madness goes on.

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