Friday, March 10, 2006

Friday Forum - It's All About Books

Each week I receive an email from Friday Forum with a topic or questions for blogging. This is the first time I've actually used the suggestion! Look at the topic for this week, and you'll see why I decided to use it. Feel free to follow the link and join the Friday Forum or see previous weeks' topics. Here are the five questions for today:

1. How often do you read? Daily - multiple times daily. . . literally for hours each day. Most of it is reading with children as part of my job, but I also read aloud to children, read for my own enjoyment, read lots of professional books, and each night before I go to sleep, I read for a few minutes before turning out the light and zzzzzzzzzz.

2. Who are your favorite authors? My favorite children's authors are Patricia Polacco, Lois Lowry, Shel Silverstein, Mem Fox, Gary Paulsen, Dr. Seuss, and Doreen Cronin. I don't have a favorite author of adult books - probably because I read such a strange assortment of books.

3. What genre most interests you (For example, suspense, romance, horror, contemporary, etc.)? Children's literature. Some of the best writing in the world is in children's literature. In adult literature I read mostly nonfiction - self-help type stuff. There are only two non-education related magazines that I read each month: Readers Digest and Guideposts. I subscribe to several others, but I rarely read them. They just collect dust for awhile until I gather them up and give away. I won't renew those subscriptions when they run out.

4. What elements of a book most appeal to you (character development, plot, dialogue, etc.)? I call it the "connection factor." Whether or not I can connect with the text.

5. Do you buy books written by celebrity authors? Why or why not? Sometimes I do. It depends on the topic and the author. Again, if the connection factor is strong, I will buy it.

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