Sunday, January 22, 2006

A Weekend in Georgia

I just got home from a weekend in Georgia visiting my mother (Ruthlace). On Friday night my sister, Beth (Blue Star Chronicles) came over and we visited for awhile. Then on Saturday night, I was able to go with my mother to the city auditorium to see a local production of the musical "The Civil War" in which my brother, Terrell (Alone on a Limb), had a part. He sang beautifully, as always, and the musical was just awesome. This morning while my mother went to church, I prepared Sunday dinner for other family members. So after church, my sister Debi (no blogging for her because she's busy making money with her writing - she was on a deadline to finish a book) and her son came over for dinner, along with Terrell's family. Soon after the meal I headed home. It started raining about halfway - and rained the rest of the way...and it has been raining ever since. I went by PawPaw's house to visit for a little while. We drove (in the rain) over to the land to look at building sites again. Then later I came on back to my place. I got home safe and sound - something I don't take for granted. It was a good - but over too quickly - weekend.

I tried out two wonderful recipes this weekend I'll share with you:

SWEET and SOUR Chicken (from my niece, Lyn)
8 oz. apricot preserves
8 oz. catalina salad dressing
2 pkgs. dry onion soup mix
4 - 6 chicken breasts
Mix the above ingredients well and pour over the chicken. Bake at 350, covered, for about an hour, uncover, and then bake an additional 30 minutes. Serve with rice. DELICIOUS!

Orange-Feta-Walnut-Field Greens Salad (From my friend, Becky)
1 ready-to-eat bag of field greens (or any salad mix you like)
1 small container feta cheese
1 small can mandarin oranges, drained
1 small package walnut pieces
Raspberry-Walnut vinaegrette (I like Ken's - but any brand would work)

Dump the greens, cheese, oranges, and walnut in a bowl and toss. Serve with the vinaegrette. DELICIOUS!

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