Thursday, January 26, 2006

Politicizing Classrooms

In a post entitled "Teachers capitulate to Gay Agenda" California Conservative tells how teachers at one California high school are now REQUIRED to hang posters in their classrooms advocating tolerance for gay students.
Well, maybe we’ll see some “freedom of religion” posters coming next. Seems
fair. Or how about “Safe To Be Conservative Space” posters. They could
read: “It’s okay to speak your mind. Just because your teacher
is liberal, doesn’t mean she’ll give you a bad grade for expressing support for
Bush and Iraq.” One for every college classroom. So how about it?
That sounds right to me.

Why would a school advocate tolerance for a specific sexual orientation? Schools shouldn't advocate ANY sexual orientation. Why not have posters that simply stress tolerance? Period. Don't limit tolerance to gay students. Extend tolerance to ALL students - liberals and conservatives, atheists and evangelicals and gays and straights - and everyone in between. The only "advocacy" a school should be a part of is respecting and appreciating everyone?

Darren at Right on the Left Coast has a great post about this.

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