Friday, January 27, 2006

Connie's Dad

I learned awhile ago that Connie's father, Billy, died this morning after a battle with cancer. Connie is one of my good friends -- someone who was there for me soon after my divorce. She helped me learn how to get out and have fun again. Some of my best memories are of parties at either Connie's house or mine - and trips we took with a group of our single friends.

Connie took a leave of absence from her job this past fall in order to take care of her father. She knew that his time was limited. She moved in with him so he wouldn't have to leave his home. I only met her father a couple times, but I know that he was a good man who was loved by his family and his community. May he rest in peace, and I pray that God will be with Connie and her brothers during this time.

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