Thursday, January 26, 2006

Thursday Thirteen - Thirteen Things I've GOTTA Do By Monday

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things That Carol SHOULD Do Before Monday

(This will likely be the MOST boring Thursday Thirteen post ever!)

1. Go tent camping this weekend on the land where Ron and I plan to build a house

2. Attend church on Sunday

3. Babysit the grandkids for a few hours - I just enjoy being with them so much. We babysat them for awhile Wednesday evening, and it was just plain FUN! The best part was when we were sitting on the sofa, and Ron put his arm around me. Sunshine looked at him, moved his arm, cuddled against me and announced, "She's MY Grandma Carol!"

4. Walk 1-3 miles each day.

5. Do crunches every morning - without fail!

6. Replace the burned out light bulbs throughout my house

7. Clear out my storage room - It's a mess, but not for long

8. Take some boxes to storage

9. Buy some "for sale" signs for my house

10. Start working on a sales brochure for my house

11. Replace the shower head in my bathroom

12. Read some new blogs

13. Learn how to do trackbacks via Haloscan

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