Saturday, January 12, 2008

I love the Clinton vs. Obama Democratic race

With the victimization mentality of the Democratic party, this should prove to be an interesting campaign. All the political commentary on the MSM is a frequent source of entertainment. There have been discussions about how the fact that Obama is black might influence his campaign in one way or the other - either from people voting FOR him because he is black or from people voting AGAINST him because he is black. There have been some wonderfully revealing soundbites on that particular topic that show just how racist many in the wonderfully “progressive” Democratic party are.

I don’t recall any discussions in the news about how a person’s being white might affect their chances in an election.

The commentary after the New Hampshire primary was particularly humorous. First they had to decide if Hillary’s “human” side (i.e. her “I don’t want us to fall back” stage act) made more people vote for her - or was it because when it came right down to it, some people just couldn’t vote for a black person. Then they ponder whether America is ready for a female president.

Depending on who wins the Democratic nomination, there will be serious charges of either racism or sexism. It’s a lose-lose situation for the dems, and I think it’s hilarious. If Hillary is the nominee, the Obama crowd will claim that America is too racist to elect a black president. If Obama is nominated, the Hillary crowd will claim that America is too sexist to elect a woman president. And if John Edwards is elected, Obama’s and Hillary’s folks will claim that the nation is both sexist and racist.

I know absolutely no one who gives a rat’s ass whether our president is black, white, male or female. What people DO care about is what that person will do as president. Will he/she secure our borders? Will he/she handle the millions of illegal immigrants fairly but without compromise? Will he/she fight the war against Islamic extremism with courage and honor? Will he/she work to minimize people’s dependence on government?

So give it up, folks. If you lose a primary, or the Democratic nomination, or the presidential election, it will be because your beliefs and actions don’t mesh with the beliefs and actions of the majority of Americans. Period. Quit the blame and victim game.

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