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Thursday Thirteen - Thirteen Questions

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Questions for Thursday

Terrell at Alone on a Limb had these thirteen questions last week. So I'm tackling them this week.

1. What is your earliest memory? Having to leave my beloved scooter (favorite toy) behind when we moved from Kentucky to Georgia because there was no room for it in the moving van. I believe I was around 4 years old at the time.
2. What was your longest hike? Probably the 8 miles that I hiked along the tundra in Alaska's Denali Park this past summer.
3. When were you most alone? Immediately after my second divorce. I felt like such a failure - and didn't want to be around anyone.
4. Describe a carefree moment of your life: Dancing with a guy I dated for awhile who was a wonderful dancer -- whirling around the dance floor was so much fun!
5. What has been your most daring moment? Snowtubing a few years ago -- taking off on a run, jumping onto the tube on my stomach and flying down the hill - almost dizzy speeds it seemed - then up the hill on the lift and soaring down on the tube - again and again. Such fun for this middle-aged lady!
6. Describe what you admire about someone you consider a personal hero/heroine: I admire President Bush because he has held firm to his beliefs amid incredible pressure from the democrats and the press.
7. What is your most interesting/outstanding talent? I love to dance and am fairly good at it - although I rarely do it anymore.
8. You have won a free seven day airfare to the destination of your choice. Where and why? I'd go to Italy because I love Italian history and culture - cuisine, too.
9. Climb aboard my time/space machine. You get one turn and must return after the equivalent of a week's visit. Where, when, and why? I would go 25 years into the future to see what lies ahead for my children and grandchildren. I worry about what they may face. Maybe the trip will reassure me, or maybe it will terrify me. On second thought, though, it would probably be best NOT to know the future. So I'll change my mind and say I'd like to go back to when my mother and father were young - see what their lives were like.
10. You have been appointed executor of my $10,000,000 charitable bequest. How will you use it? I'd keep a million for myself, give my two children a million each, a million to each of my six siblings, and a million to my mother. Whew! Spent THAT ten million fast!
11. What is your proudest accomplishment? It sounds cheesy, but my two children. They're wonderful young adults. I'm incredibly proud of them and the great relationship I have with them and their respective spouses.
12. What question/assignment would you add to this meme? I'd add "What do you want to accomplish in the next year?
13. Write a seven line poem (diamante) about a person, place, or thing this meme has brought to mind. Use this form:


Graceful Movement

Swinging, Smiling, Whirling

Keeping Time Making Memories

Circling, Rising, Falling

Happy Fun


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monica said...

It's not cheesy! My son is my greatest accomplishment!

My 13 are UP! :)